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I just wanted to introduce myself and say that I'm glad I found this community...

I'm Kiki. A student of Hampton University. A lesbian of course and well, looking for places to meet people and generally have a good time.
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there's lots of bars around hampton roads.

the wave
the rainbow cactus
corner pocket
just to name a few.

i don't live there anymore but you'll def. meet cool people.

ODU has a gay/lesbian student group you could get involved in. For fun, try Hershee Bar at the intersection of Norview and Chesapeake Blvd.

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i totally forgot about HB's lol. i used to go there all the time for the king shows.
Hi..Im to the town also..currently living in VB but think I want to locate to Norfolk.. I m tryin to meet people!! find me on facebook if you d like to go